The word: Paintography.

Since seventy years, I make my living with my art in spite of painting and make show since forty years. With my naïf Lollypop, I am the subject of reportage from Radio-Canada TV and made my entrance in the International Naïf Museum in Magog, Québec, Canada, to be the precursor of the expression of the feeling and the movement non-existent in this specific art. I make also the front page of some newspapers and in 2015; I make a painting that we can see a library with an hundred books on. As I am too lazy to make a research to find all the titles that the book’s needs, I decide to write with a little brush my activities, sports, philosophy, scholar formation, jobs that I made in my life, my family and where I born, all the countries that I visit, so that a resume of my life in that painting. So I mixed paint with autobiography to give paintography

I was in Trois-Rivières, a man pass and said that he work for The Office of the French Language and this word don’t exist and make sense in that painting, so you may send it to the dictionary of the French language, may be your name will be in, at the next revision, you never know. For me it is a simply resume of my life write on the back of the book on the library in that painting.

I am so far to think that this king of painting will make a series of order in this subject at hat period. The beginning slide slowly by a lady who says, that my painting was too large for her and ask me if I able to make one smaller and with her life’s resume. So, following by a man who want his own painting also smaller and that kind of order continue since that the first painting.

I make the front page of the newspaper of Kamouraska with that story. The customers are school director, industry director, worker of GRC, journalist, teachers, etc.

At hat day I receive a response of the Office of French Language who give thank to my suggestion to give them thought for the Grand Terminological Dictionary at the next revision. Then, they ask for the definition of my word. So that was pleasure to answer them:

Paintography: It is the resume of a life to a person or a family appear in word or short sentences at the back of the books on the library of the painting, write and made by the artist-painter. It is the equivalence of an autobiography pictured on form of artistic painting. This painting may be inspired by pictures from the customer, give it a personalize aspect at his individual life or to a family. This concept may be remake by all other painter who the style may respond at this definition.