Alex De Lavoie Artist-Painter

Alex De Lavoie, born in the pure country side of the lower St-Lawrence, 4th child from a family of 9, Alex already stood out in her elementary school drawing and art classes. Regular visits to a babysitter from a village in Notre-Dame du Lac, this woman was the first to encourage her to draw therefore making her feel deeply loved.

To care for the family, her father exiled into the woods or mines because of a lack of work, relocating to the Eastern Townships, Sherbrooke where there was more abundant with better paying work. For Alex, it was friends, neighbours, a dog and a babysitter to whom she was attached; departing would leave a trace of sadness in her little heart.

As a teenager, Alex took industrial drawing courses that at the time were reserved more for the boys, but where she would excel again. From high school to the University of Sherbrooke, she signed up to a certificate of artistic expression to expand her knowledge in the face of the masters and their styles.

A marriage where 3 children but 2 living take comes to an end after 12 years. During this time there was little time for art but after the divorce research and expositions started. This is when she gave herself the artist name for her first exposition: Alex De Lavoie, it was an inspiration of her ancestors.

Alex also does theatre, playing roles of Michel Tremblay, composition of humorous monologues. In painting, she exploits different styles: portraits, faces with eyes that are alive, blur in the skies, elongated influenced by Moddiglianni, playing with colors, cartoons influenced by Hudon and his sarcastic humour, but nothing seemed to rise above the rest in order to make a living with her talents.


CV Alex de Lavoie

Story by Radio Canada of Alex De Lavoie (French)